Selection Criteria for the 2024 J/70 Open World Championships

Criteria for the J/70 Australia Selection Series for the 2024 J/70 Class World Championships in Palma, Mallorca Spain hosted by the Real Club Nautico de Palma

2024 Open World Championships
Australia’s Quota currently two (2).

1 x Open entry
1 x Corinthian entry


All representatives: That is skippers (drivers) and crews must be financial members of the Australian J/70 Class Association at the time of racing.

To be eligible for selection the skipper must own and pay for 100% of a J/70.

Should a skipper elect not to compete, then their place may be filled by the next placed skipper in the selection series.

It is expected that the highest placed Open and Corinthian boats place in the top 33.33% of boats contesting selection.  If not, then the World’s entry will be available for the second highest placed Open or Corinthian entry.

Skippers carry the points not boats, therefore, a skipper can sail different boats in order to qualify.


The Selection Series shall consist of the following events.

2024 Australian Titles

Plus, the highest placement in either of the following events:

2023 Victoria State Titles or the 2024 NSW State Titles


Series weighting will be as follows;

1.         Australian Titles       = 4.5

2.         State Titles               = 2.5

Series points allocation will be as follows; (high score wins)

1st    =   50pts
2nd   =   49pts
3rd    =   48pts
4th    =   47pts
5th    =   46pts   etc.

Formula example.

A Skipper achieves the following results, 3rd in Nationals, 2nd in VIC States, 1st NSW States

(48x4.5) + (50x2.5) = 341 points


For any World Championship, in addition to all pre-qualified individuals, any J/70 boat owner may submit a petition to sail in the World Championship by filling out an online petition form that will accompany the NOR. To be a qualified petition, the petitioning skipper must be:

(a) a boat owner as defined by the J/70 Class Rules, and

(b) a current member of the Class in good standing. All qualified petitions received by a date to be determined by the IJ70CA (International J70 Class Association) will be ranked.

Invitations to participate in the World Championship will be issued in the listed order until all slots are filled. Qualified petitions received after the deadline will be added to the end of the list in the order in which they are received. The IJ70CA Executive Committee will manage the petition process and resolve any questions as they arise.

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Corinthian World Championships

Currently there is no limitation on entries for the Corinthian World Championships

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